October 30, 2017

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Student Materials Created by teachers for teachers, Building Connections (Grades 3-5) and Bridging Connections (Grades 6-9) workbooks help students incorporate reading and writing skills successfully. Click to see a sample of Building Connections or Bridging Connections. Teachers can use these student workbooks to provide hands-on activities as well as critical thinking challenges to provide support to students as they master grade level standards in English Language Arts.

Winning Writers (2-6) and Champion Writers (6-9) workbooks are designed to help teachers and students master Texas writing standards. The workbooks are a two-phase concept that first, teach students to eliminate their weak writing habits known as “Wreckless Writing,” and secondly, replace those habits with the “Writing Pit Stop” of eight strong writing practices (that should be used in their everyday writing).

Teacher Materials

The Writing Toolkits contain hands-on activities, manipulatives, anchor charts (FANBOYS, AW BAW BAW UNTIE US), and additional resources that correspond with the Winning Writers and Champion Writers workbooks.

Staff Development

Building Reading and Writing Connections

This training provides proven strategies for helping students make the connection between their reading and writing. Learn how to help students build the connection between a piece of text they have read to a writing assignment. Building this connection will help provide the answers as to the why and how of reading and writing.

Learning to Score Shouldn’t Be a Chore

This training provides information to help teachers understand the state writing and scoring process. Created by teachers, it provides hands-on activities that teachers can take back to their classrooms and institute immediately.

Paper Trade and Grade

Teachers will be provided a writing topic for students in advance of this training, and students will complete writing. The day of the training, teachers will review state writing rubric before scoring students’ papers and offering suggestions for improvement.

Instructional Coaching

Our education company works in conjunction with district staff to develop/coach academic programs in order to enhance instructional programs for students. We can provide an ongoing, systematic review of curriculum/instructional materials and revise/develop long-range plans for instructional staff. We can work with campus principal(s) in determining staff development needs and student program effectiveness.

We strive to build a trusting relationship where passionate teachers are encouraged to take risks without fear of failure. Our goal is district collaboration to create classroom awareness and strengthen pedagogy; we are research-based and strive to provide pertinent, innovative, information.

G/T 30-Hour Training

This staff development offers Texas teachers the required training needed to bring districts/teachers in compliance with the 2009 state plan.

G/T 6-Hour Updates

Based on the Gifted/Talented State Plan (2009), this training provides interactive strategies for teachers to utilize in their classrooms with gifted/talented students. Yearly training is required once teachers have completed the 30-hour course in order to maintain state-mandated qualifications to serve the G/T student population.

Mastering Texas Writing Standards

This training offers a multitude of useful, interactive strategies for teachers to utilize in today’s diverse classroom. Teachers will be afforded ideas to eliminate students’ poor writing habits while strengthening writing talents.

STAAR Boost Camp: Reading and Writing Strategies for Struggling Students

This training offers a multitude of interactive strategies for students to utilize for today’s reading and writing STAAR preparation. Attending students and teachers will be afforded ideas to eliminate students’ poor writing habits while strengthening writing and reading talents. Two-day, hands-on session requires student workbook purchase for those in attendance and focuses on students who are struggling to pass the STAAR test.

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